RTF Flexipanels - Tank Heating Panel

The RTF Flexipanel is a self contained, low watt density flexible heating panel specifically designed for heating stainless steel wine tanks and vessels containing high viscosity or temperature sensitive fluid applications. The RTF Flexipanel incorporate state of the art heater technology for these difficult and sensitive heating applications.

2 Render Closed CUT
RTF Flexipanels can be individually controlled on each tank or are compatible to be used with a centralised plant control system.
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Parallel Circuit Heating Element:
At the heart of the RTF Flexipanel is a high temperature multiple path heating element. The element design provides multiple electrical paths that eliminates the series wire burnouts typical of other heater designs.

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of Installation:
Installation is easily accomplished using adhesive materials supplied with RTM mounting kit and can be retrofitted to previously insulated tanks.

Thermal Protection:
For maximum safety, a thermal cut out switch is built into the RTF Flexipanel for over temperature protection. Switches are available to temperature protect high and low density polyethylene, polypropylene and FRP constructions.

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