Re-usable Modular Thermo Insulation

Insulock can provide a easy to store flexible re-usable high quality solution to insulating critical equipment during maintenance or emergency situations for use in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Modular Thermo Insulation strips are available in various lengths with one metres and two metre being the most popular. The maximum continuous length available is 15 metres with a double stitch every 1 metre so that it can be cut on site to a desired length without cutting the insulation.

Each strip is 100mm wide and comprises of a Silicone outer layer with 13mm thick high solubility non hazardous ceramic insulation, machine stitched with Trifilament pure PTFE thread, suiting applications up to 249°C.

We can also manufacture alternative widths, lengths, thickness as well as using alternative materials to suit a variety of applications including temperatures in excess of 800°C.

Installation is as simple as wrapping the modular insulation around the equipment so that each pass overlaps the previous and then fastening with pipe clamps or appropriate cable ties to hold in place. When finished with insulation remove fastening mechanism and store insulation strips until required again.

Reusable Modular Thermo Insulation