The Thermocover Process

A Insulock Sales Representative will arrange a time to conduct a site visit to discuss your insulation requirements and measure all relevant equipment.

If a site measure is not possible then Insulock can custom design their Thermocovers from engineering drawings, or provide a custom designed measuring chart for your company representative to complete.

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A detailed quote will be provided outlining recommended materials and insulation that is suitable for the application.

As each item is individually designed, we quote a lead time of approximately 2-3 weeks. Please note this can vary depending on factory loading and you will be informed of an approximate delivery date on confirmation of your purchase order.

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Manufacture will not commence until a purchase order has been provided.

Each cover bears a private label identification tag to define the origin of each Thermocover. This ensures that all information associated with that number is easily accessible should a cover need replacing or duplication.

Once a Thermocover is completed it is then delivered or installed by a Insulock representative for a nominal charge.

Insulation cover - Flange Removable Softcover