Laverton’s Significant Savings
Orica Chemicals
Laverton, Victoria, Australia

Our ChlorAlkali site at Laverton has saved nearly $100,000 per year through energy and water savings.
Energy savings - Two large heat exchangers on the chlorine plant were not insulated and were losing energy and potentially placing employees at risk of a thermal burn. Using a local contractor, insulation blankets were specially made for each exchanger, featuring Velcro joints for easy removal and replacement. This simple solution will save the plant more than $20,000 and 310 tonnes of greenhouse gases each year.
Water savings - The site has worked closely with their water service provider to implement water-efficiency programmes and reduce annual water consumption by 10 million litres, at a total saving cost to the business of more than $75,000 a year. "The previous contract rewarded high chemical consumption whereas this new contract rewards service excellence and water savings," Ken Richards, ChlorAlkali QA Systems Chemist explained. "We believe there is more to be achieved and the site team will continue to work together with our service provider."
Site Manager, Chris Holland said: "These successes cut cost, reduce environmental impact and demonstrate to our customers that we can meet their sustainability expectations."

Energy Savings at Laverton

Henry Connor and Hannah Higgins demonstrating the effectiveness of the new insulation blanket.