Benefits of Removable Thermocovers

Energy Savings 2017

The maximum benefits from Thermocovers is only received when you follow the same parameters and constraints as in the installation and use of rigid insulation, these are:

* Operating Environment
* Materials
* Quality of Manufacture
* Installation considerations
* Maintenance considerations
* Economics

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When all the above parameters are taken into consideration and the correct decision is made then Insulock Thermocovers can provide the following benefits.

Low Installation Cost
Thermocovers install in minutes resulting in significant savings over traditional methods of insulating fittings. The initial savings plus the ease of removal and reinstallation add up to substantial cost savings. Covers can generally be removed and reinstalled by one person in a matter of minutes. This is in sharp contrast to traditional rigid insulation, which tends to deteriorate if subjected to the continual application and removal for mechanical components that require routine maintenance.

Personnel Protection:
Thermocovers are designed to contain the appropriate thickness of insulation to keep the exterior surface temperature below OHSA guidelines, providing a safety barrier to personnel from severe burns on dangerous hot equipment. Thermocovers also aid in the lowering of ambient temperature in mechanical rooms, tunnels, manholes and the general work environment.


Energy Conservation
Thermocovers provide an economical way to insulate components such as valves, flanges, strainers, etc. which are traditionally left uninsulated. Uninsulated fittings waste significant amounts of energy and dollars. The payback period of these covers is calculated on average to be several months.

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The durable nature of the outer jacketing fabrics provide an excellent weather, abrasion and chemical barrier to the encapsulated insulation. The flexibility of the covers eliminates the problem associated with hard metal casings which are often rendered thermally ineffective from damage sustained from plant abuse. Thermocovers can be hand cleaned for maintenance purposes.