High Temperature Applications

Removable insulation for very high temperature applications call for special consideration. Not only is the quality of workmanship important, it is also essential that the appropriate materials are being used in the construction of the cover.

Applications for temperatures over 260℃ need the use of specialist materials. This is the temperature limit for both silicone and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), the primary waterproof coatings impregnated into fibreglass fabric to make removable Thermocovers.

Insulock ensures that all high temperature applications over 260℃ are constructed with quality materials that can handle temperatures in excess of 800℃. We recommend using a silica inner lining and a ceramic blanket insulation where suitable. Our covers are then sewn with Inconel® thread that is suitable for both high temperature and corrosive environments.

On equipment such as diesel engine exhaust systems, generators and turbines where temperatures are extreme and also tend to have high vibrations, all our covers are sewn with a knitted stainless steel mesh reinforcement to reinforce the Thermocover and prolong its life.