Why Insulation? PAYBACK!

Most businesses see energy as a big expense, but not all businesses are equally exposed. As prices have risen, more businesses have slipped into the category of higher energy spending likely squeezing revenue and profit margins. As business effort is being directed towards energy efficiency improvement, pressures are mounting to do even more. Unfortunately up until now most efficiency improvements have been modest, indicating that business capital for investment is either not available or is reserved for other purposes.

In the face of these rising energy prices, businesses can contain the resulting costs through greater efficiency in their use of energy. As business takes action to improve their energy efficiency, most are looking for quick wins. Insulation offers these quick wins with some projects resulting in paybacks of less than twelve months.

Insulation can be retrofitted and offers significant savings almost immediately for all small, medium and large sized businesses and continues to give back over the life of the project. With advancements in design technology, materials and specialist expertise, progressive installer such as Insulock can insulate almost anything. Insulation only works at it optimum when correctly specified and installed. Heat lost because of insufficient insulation or incorrectly installed insulation cannot usually be recovered, thus wasting the fuel energy used to produce it.

Not only does insulation reduce energy and save you money it has tangible benefits as well.

SAFETY: Reduces the chance of injury through the possibility of human contact with heated or chilled pipes and vessels. It can also vary the ambient temperature creating more comfortable working conditions.

EQUIPMENT: Improves appliance performance and longevity with faster heat up times and operation at optimum temperatures for hot applications and reduced operation for refrigeration machinery in chilled applications.

FROST PROTECTION: Prevents the freezing of liquid passing through pipes.

CONDENSATION PROTECTION: Minimises condensation build up which can result in a corrosion risk to pipes as well creating dangerously slippery surfaces underfoot.

ACOUSTIC: Reduce the vibration noises from a pipe or duct as well as dampening the noises from machinery such as pumps, fans etc.

Effective insulation when used to control temperatures, can result in considerable savings in operating costs and the reduction of carbon emissions.

For further information on how insulation can help you save money please contact one of our friendly Insulock sales team members.