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Insulock Pty Ltd is celebrating 30 years in business and still delivers Australia’s first and most extensive variety of PVC fitting covers and jacketing systems, market leading custom manufactured removable insulation covers as well as being the specialists in wine tank insulation. Since 1988, our mission has remained the same: to provide superior products, deliver outstanding service, and remain unmatched in product innovation.

“There is scarcely anything in the world that some man cannot make a little worse, and sell a little more cheaply. The person who buys on price alone is this man’s lawful prey” - John Ruskin

Insulock believes we offer and use the highest quality materials available in all our products so our customers can rest easy in the knowledge that they have access to the best products available.

Our PVC Cladding, (Pipe Lagging) is a complete UV Stable insulation system that can be used on all types of rigid pipe insulation sections suitable for a variety of applications and environments such as chilled water, hot water and steam, in commercial, institutional and industrial construction on indoor or outdoor systems.


Our Australian made custom designed removable Thermocovers are designed to provide an option of insulating items that traditional methods of insulation weren’t capable of insulating, including high temperature applications. With our continued investment in new technologies such as 3D scanning and computer controlled cutting as well as our experience in 3D Modelling we have updated the concept of removable thermal covers, insulation blankets, jackets, pads, etc., to producing a modern tailored removable cover for steam, chilled, valves, pumps, headers, heat exchangers as well as anything else you need to have insulated. We can guarantee that we can find an economical solution for your energy audit results or insulation challenges. Insulock has created the new industry of “Energy Conservation Insulation”.

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Insulock are specialists in conducting audits specifically aimed at energy reduction and OHS risks. As most thermographers concentrate on preventative maintenance and trouble shooting, Insulock personnel are trained to focus on energy reduction and personnel safety. Our detailed reports provide pictures and details regarding energy loss and offer a cost effective solution with estimated paybacks. Let Insulock save you money today.

When properly done, insulation to your winery doesn’t add cost to the wine you produce it saves operating expenses and is the only expenditure that a winery incurs that actually earns you a payback. Insulock are the specialist in wine tank insulation and offer a superior service to small and medium sized wineries.